Wedding Photographer: Why to Plan a “First Look”



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Wedding Photographer: Lovely couples-to-be, your wedding day overflows with emotions – joy, excitement, some nervousness, and most of all, love. One trend sparking buzz amongst brides and grooms is the “first look.” This special moment allows you two to see each other before the ceremony begins. Let’s dive into the emotional rollercoaster of first looks, weighing the pros and cons. I’ll also share tips to make your first look unforgettable.

The intimacy of a first look is a major plus. You’ll have a private moment together before the craziness starts. It’s just the two of you and your genuine emotions – no audience, no pressure, only love. Capturing your real reactions is another pro for photographers. Your pure, unfiltered “wow” when you see each other for the first time is priceless. This authenticity translates beautifully into photos. Doing portraits beforehand is another advantage. You’ll look fresh in hair and makeup without the time crunch. You can relax and take those romantic couple shots.

Some downsides do exist. Tradition matters to some couples. A first look could feel like breaking tradition if you envision that first aisle walk. It’s okay to stick to traditions you love. Increased nerves can also come with first looks. It’s similar to meeting your bestie before a big speech – thrilling for some, nerve-wracking for others.

Wedding Photographer: Why to Plan a “First Look”

Here are tips to make your first look magical: Find a quiet, gorgeous spot to be alone and let the moment sink in. Exchange heartfelt letters beforehand to set the tone. Lean on your photographer – they know how to capture emotions. Stay true to yourselves, whether it’s whispers or jumping for joy.

There’s no right or wrong approach to first looks. Do what feels right for you both. If sharing an intimate moment earlier sounds ideal, embrace it! If tradition speaks to you, wonderful. Your wedding should uniquely represent your love.

Whether you choose a first look or not, what matters most is the love you’re celebrating. Let your emotions flow, personalities shine, and trust your photographer to capture the magic.

I wish you so much happiness as you plan your picture-perfect day!


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