Capturing Love in the Sunshine: Haley and Larry’s Dream Wedding at Ashven Estate



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Capturing Love in the Sunshine: Haley and Larry’s love story blossomed at Ashven Estate in Villa Rica, GA. On Sunday, February 25, 2024, amidst a radiant sun, they exchanged vows, brimming with warmth and joy.

The weather blessed their celebration with perfection. Clear skies and gentle breezes enveloped them, creating a magical ambiance.

Ashven Estate, rustic yet elegant, set the stage for their special day. Its barn-style architecture, painted in soft teal-blue, harmonized with the wedding’s white and periwinkle palette.

As a wedding photographer, I joyfully captured every moment. From the intimate getting-ready scenes to the serene ceremony in the field, every detail was a dream.

Their ceremony epitomized their deep connection. Amidst nature’s beauty, surrounded by loved ones, they exchanged vows and bathed in the sun’s golden glow.

Haley’s radiant smile lit the aisle, leading to her future with Larry. Their “I do” resonated with palpable love, touching every heart present.

Capturing Love in the Sunshine

The reception overflowed with laughter, dance, and heartfelt speeches. Every moment, from their first dance to the cake cutting, overflowed with joy.

As the day concluded, I felt privileged to be part of their journey. Their wedding was a celebration of love and a testament to destiny’s beauty.

To Haley and Larry, may your love continue to brighten your path. And to Ashven Estate, thank you for the perfect backdrop to a cherished love story.

Capturing love in the sunshine of their wedding reminded me of love’s magic. Here’s to more days filled with love, laughter, and beautiful moments. Cheers!

capturing love in the sunshine
capturing love in the sunshine
capturing love in the sunshine
capturing love in the sunshine
capturing love in the sunshine


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