Photographers in Carrollton GA: A Journey of Personal Redefinition



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Photographers in Carrollton GA: I am setting out to redefine some areas of my life. This is a journey of personal redefinition.

One way this has shaped up is through setting some simple wake-up/ sleepy time goals.

Last night, all electronic device use ceased at 8 PM, except I did listen to a podcast. But my eyes were focused on my crochet project, not a screen. The television was not on.

By 9:15 PM, I was sleepy. That’s been rare to never on days when I still was using my laptop or phone after 9 PM.

By 10 PM or so, I was asleep.

I only set a single alarm for this morning, at 6 AM. I was up and out of the bed, without a snooze prompt, by 6:30 AM.

To those with a regular routine, this may sound like a no-brainer. But I have been operating largely without a routine for a long time. I love mornings. So, it has been great to be up and about and have four hours of my day that I frequently haven’t had, when I have been sleeping in until 10 AM or after.

I have already had breakfast, done some journaling, done some meditation, and done two different exercise routines.

It sets a great tone for the day.

Photographers in Carrollton GA

I am sort of redefining my life at the moment. I have long, long resisted the label of “stay-at-home mom,” in favor of feeling like I could be a photographer, or some other professional label.

And, it’s true that I am a photographer, but that is as much a lifestyle as it is a vocation.

I am growing into my identity as mother, as wife, as regular person with feelings, and learning to be okay with myself.

Meditating, exercising… I had forgotten what it was like to attempt to quiet my brain.


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