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Getting the House Straight– So….I am in the process of cleaning up our messy (and dirty) house for the first time in a good while. I started in earnest last night.

I need motivation and accountability in this process. When I get depressed, all housework goes by the wayside. We slip into survival mode.

I first found A Slob Comes Clean in 2018. Listening to Dana K. White’s journey to a clean house system and organization inspired me so much that it worked well at the Holmes Drive house.

I am determined to get our current house in order.

First up is the kitchen. The microwave on our microwave/oven combination unit is broken. So we have a second microwave in the kitchen currently, sitting on the counter.

I don’t use the desk in the kitchen for anything other than sorting mail. So I am going to move the coffeemaker and the microwave over to that area. That area will house our printer, the coffeemaker, and the microwave. Our mail and to-do stack of papers will also live there.

I thought about picking up a mail sorter or something else to mount to the wall for storing to-do papers. But we have a drawer in that desk unit that doesn’t have a lot of contents. So I think I will start having the boys (they get the mail every day) put the mail in that drawer from now on. Then it’s not just sitting out until I can deal with it.

Getting the House Straight

Next up will be to de-clutter my bedroom with Jared. It’s all my junk. I have a lifelong habit of just throwing my stuff anywhere until I go on a marathon-cleaning session.

The boys’ rooms all need pretty major attention. But Porter has said he wants to handle it himself. So, his room will have to wait until he has gone off to college at this point, probably.

After the house is relatively clean and tidy, next up will come the finishing of unpacking and organizing the boxes of stuff in the standing crawlspace under the house.

The goal for the standing crawlspace area is for it to house only outdoor and yard tools. The goal is to free up the closet that holds those things in the garage.

The garage is going to be my photo studio. The closet that currently holds all of the yard and outdoor tools will be a changing area for the studio, eventually.

Once the standing crawlspace and that closet in the garage are all sorted out, I will work on the studio in more earnest. There’s still paint, finishing the floor, and putting up decorative tiles on the ceiling in the studio.

But, all that has to wait until the inside of the house is dealt with.


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