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Baby's First Week

Baby’s First Week: I recently had the joy of photographing a newborn session for one-week old Lincoln. Capturing his earliest days was a special experience.

I first met Lincoln’s family during a Fall family shoot. When they asked me to photograph Lincoln’s long-awaited arrival, I felt so honored.

For safety, I wore a mask upon entering their home in this era of COVID-19. But that did not hinder the sweetness of meeting baby Lincoln! At just one week old, he was tiny and precious. I had Mom handle him gently as we began the session, to take extra precautions because of Covid risks.

We photographed Lincoln in an adorable red and black checkered onesie. I captured all his micro-expressions up close. Eyes sealed shut, lips pursed, fingers curled – each detail touched my heart.

Lincoln stretched his little limbs freely and yawned the most darling baby yawns. His newborn portraits showcase how tiny yet perfect new life is.

Baby’s First Week

Lincoln dozed blissfully surrounded by his soft blanket. He also cuddled securely in her father’s strong arms – a heartwarming sight. Her mother watched nearby, radiant with joy.

Throughout the session, the rest of the family observed sweetly. They clearly already adore their new baby family member. Capture candid moments with Mom and Dad interacting was such a treat.

As the shoot ended, I felt grateful to have documented Baby Lincoln during this fleeting first week of life. Newborn photos preserve the miracle of tiny toes, sleepy smiles, and new beginnings. Lincoln’s session encapsulates the love welcoming a new baby brings. Congratulations to the whole family!

newborn photography
Baby's First Week
Baby's First Week
newborn photography
Baby's First Week

Newborn photography is an honor to be a part of when I have the opportunity. My newborn lifestyle sessions are low-key. I recommend planning on at least two hours for your session, to allow for breaks as baby needs.

In other news, I have started a Caroline Price Tribe group on Facebook– look it up! I would love to grow this group of interested, current, and former clients. #carolinepricetribe on Instagram is also a thing: feel free to tag your session and wedding photos as such!


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