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Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Atlanta Wedding Photographer: Someone asked what I’m running from. I’m finding I’ve mostly run from myself.

For those used to only photography posts, I ran a personal blog before. I’ll still share photo tips. But it’s time to return to blogging roots, less gory details.

I took Spring and Summer off photography. One couple’s session, one wedding. Health started it – a giant ulcer last winter, maybe MRSA. December and January were rough. I’m much better now, but haven’t booked much yet.

Recovery brought introspection, a personal overhaul – all for the better. So where am I going professionally?

I won’t give up my photography business. I love my clients, meeting people, creating beautiful images.

But it’s time to remember I’m an artist, too. So the camera comes out more around the house, on walks, in the yard. Cameras don’t have to stay stored without a paid gig.

I forgot I like writing, I’m not bad at it. I bought into hype – clients don’t want to read, I must project perfection.

No more. I’ll write more, with heart, personality. I have things to say. My words have value.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Apple Music Radio knows I love Ella, Louis, Billie. Songs make me flash back to journaling heartbreaks alone.

Forgiveness comes in waves. Life teaches gentleness, forgiving myself and others.

What would I write without worrying who might read it? Much of what fills my journals – stepping into my power as a woman.

Heartbreak and healing are universal. My worth isn’t tied to any one person or dollar amount or bad thing that happened.

Also, our cat Nancy is a pig, though Bess is alpha. Nancy will eat anything not nailed down, while Bess graciously allows her to fill her belly first. They have an interesting dynamic as feline sisters.


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