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a renewal of sorts
One of my film cameras, my Yashica Mat-124G

A renewal of sorts: I spent most of the past three days day dragging my feet, thinking about what I wanted to say for this post. I spend my time in a creative rut. Client work comes easily but personal work does not, whether that is writing or photography.

It’s time to admit that looking outward for validation is just a nonstarter. I love to write, but I am terrified of writing for fear of what people might think or say. Even if I have nothing particularly controversial on my mind at the moment.

But, I used to love to blog. It was a near-daily thing. And, I desperately need an outlet like that again to maintain my sanity. I need this renewal of sorts.

A Renewal of Sorts: On the Home Front

The studio comes along at what feels like a snail’s pace. I started painting with gusto, but I took the last three days off. Jared talked me out of building my faux wall over the garage doors, to not make the garage doors nonfunctional. I am okay with it, I think; Jared is on board with literally everything else I want to do.

It is Fall Break in this renewal of sorts, and we took the boys out to eat two nights ago to American Pie. Eating out is not a regular thing for them or us anymore. The boys pointed out that we haven’t been out to eat as a family since July.

Housework comes more easily than it has in a good while. One of the benefits of being used to working outside of the house is being used to being physically active. My job required being on my feet most of the day.

Oliver gets his ID this week so that he can be hired for proper acting jobs. I need to confirm that his work permit through the state is still active. I took care of that on two separate occasions but it’s been a while so it may have expired. He wants to be hired for acting jobs like yesterday.

That’s all for now.



  1. #IAM Dwayne Neal says:

    :: Thanks for keeping us Posted…Cheers to a Great Week Ahead!!!!

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