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Yep, I Shaved My Head


Let’s get the ghost out of the closet…..

I shaved my head, obviously. I don’t hate hair and I’m not sick.

I did it mostly for fun. It was a semi-spur-of-the-moment decision. My hair was a little more than an inch long anyway, and it grows fast if I hated it.

The thing is, I sort of love it! There’s no struggle with the hair dryer or brush in the morning. There’s no product to deal with unless I want my scalp to smell a certain way. There’s no hiding the camera tattoo behind my ear.

And I learned something important: I LOVE the shape of my head! I have a little dimple-dent in the back–who knew? I didn’t! But now I do!

Now, it’s true: It is January and this time of year was perhaps not the smartest time of the year to shave one’s head for the first time. It was seriously cold the first few days. I invested in a beanie for cold mornings of taking the dogs out and getting the boys to school.

Honestly, it was truly liberating to prove to myself that no part of my self-esteem is derived from my hair.

Care is easy: I use my face soap to clean both my face and scalp now, and then I throw on some conditioner in the shower. I do still use my heat protectant creme when I get out even though the dryer isn’t necessary, but that is more about my head smelling good than it is about protecting my hair.

Greasy hair, which I dealt with in spades when I had hair, is a big pet peeve of mine and I hate dealing with it. I also hate dealing with morning bed-head hair.

For now, I don’t have to deal with any of it!

I miss going to my stylist because it was an excuse to visit her since she is a good friend, but I texted her and told her we will have to do dinners instead of visiting at the salon. Thankfully, she gets it!

And oddly, I feel more feminine than ever. That’s the best part of all.