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Winter Break


I want to write more on the blog but I’ve been struggling with what to write for months now.

I want to take more pictures too, and have struggled with picking up the camera in non-working times, just around the house.

It’s this silly pandemic. I am certain we are all feeling frozen, to an extent.

The details in the photo are my own; my husband Jared’s wedding ring and the vintage wedding set he gave me for our 10th Valentine’s Day. Along with our real wedding invitation, which I harvested from a scrapbook so I could play with it in pictures.

The invitation photographs well if I do say so myself; Jared and I got married in April of 2005 so it’s nice to see that it looks as though I could be photographing a present-day invitation. I plan to pick up a flat-lay mat sometime before my next wedding in March, so that I have that available as a background for any setting. This background is my office coffee table. I plan to buy a light, neutral background.

Bring your invites to your weddings, or mail me one prior to the big day when you send out your invites! I love having them available to photograph with other details on wedding days.

These days, it’s all about being grounded. Twice a day, I lie on my office floor on my yoga mat and do basic stretches and core exercises. I usually listen to “Wake Up/Wind Down” with Niall Breslin as I do this. I struggle with longer meditation at the moment so this basic grounding is good.

I’m running a sale on new wedding packages and sessions through 5 pm on February 18– $150 off wedding packages originally valued at $1200 or more and $50 off sessions! Contracts must be signed and deposits submitted by 5 pm on February 18, 2021 in order to qualify for the discount, for new clients only. So, currently, wedding packages for 1 photographer are $1050 and sessions are $125.

It is Winter Break for the next three days at our house and this whole break has meant a big lay around for our family. We’ve done laundry and tended the dogs but that is about it.

Have a great week, everybody!

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