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Why Did I Not Love My House?


So it is Sunday and I am up before noon for once and biscuits are in the oven like I am a real mom.

I know I mentioned that we are not selling our house but that led to a big ignore of housework until the dog hair piled up for weeks. I had enough of it a couple of days ago. Swiffer to the rescue. We gave up on the carpet stair treads because the maintenance of those things in reference to said dog hair was a nightmare. We are back to no socks or shoes on when you are on the stairs as the general rule. Liam is pretty much the only one who thinks the rule doesn’t apply to him. Fingers crossed nobody (mostly me) falls.

The New Desk

As you probably saw on Facebook, this happened, and I feel like I have been redeemed:

This is not the first roll-top desk I have had. We bought one at a yard sale probably 10-12 years ago. It was bigger than this one, and I took a few days to restore it and go over the finish and clean it up. But then, we had someone in (a designer/organizer) who declared to us that we had too much furniture and stuff in general, and my beloved roll-top desk was amongst the casualties to find another home.

And in general, I don’t listen to designers/ organizers anymore. Or rather, I don’t hire them to tell me what to do with my stuff anymore. Along with buying less stuff in general these days, it works out.

The Kitchen and Family Room

The kitchen is progressing. Well, it hasn’t progressed in two or three days because boredom and distractibility and cleaning other parts of the house. But I feel good about the state of things and hope to finish the bottom half of the first side today. No pictures. It’s a mess. And while I am dreading the process, I have decided the front half of the wine rack above the fridge is probably getting painted. Yuck.

O’s little desk got moved from the family room to Jared’s office. The toy box in the family room also made it’s way to O’s room. Yippee skippee the family room doesn’t feel overcrowded anymore thank goodness. Jared has been working with O to clean out and rotate some of the toys in his room. Thankfully, O is cooperating with the process.

The Yard


We are not the best at maintaining the yard with any regularity whatsoever. We have the best intentions and neither of us hates cutting grass but it just doesn’t always get done.

So, we decided to break down and hire monthly yard maintenance. Only once a month and we’ll have to continue to take care of the in-between. But at least we’ll know if we let it slide that it will get done eventually.


Sessions right now are on an “I’ll think about it” basis. We are in a pandemic, people. Be safe!

In general, one of the X-H1’s has the 50mm f2 on it set on 1×1 mode in Acros for no thinking photo therapy. I’m making myself pick it up a couple of times a day. Those photos probably won’t make it here.

That’s all for today.

love, Caroline