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This Girl is Not a Minimalist and That is Okay


I admire minimalists. I listen to The Minimalists podcast every week while I do the laundry.

However, I am not a minimalist. I am growing to be okay with this fact.

I used to want to be a minimalist. And the principals of minimalism have definitely colored my approach both to purchases and purging current household items. It has certainly shaped the way I approach my wardrobe and clothing purchases, for sure. Minimalism has taught me to be much more purposeful about the purchases I make and the way I keep our household belongings. It has taught me to value the things we keep much more purposefully.

However… we live in a relatively big house. We drive newer cars. Our boys definitely do not grasp the beauty of a minimalist outlook with regard to belongings.

So, I am stopping forcing the issue. And that fact is okay now. It is enough to respect minimalists and realize that I can be purposeful in ownership without actually minimizing what I own.