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Plugging the leaks: I’ve been in a mad dash to overhaul my entire vocation and financial life.

I’m waiting on a refund to clear the business credit card. Then, I can close the card and officially terminate the LLC. That is the last bit of business to do for Caroline Price Photography. Everything else is done. The insurance is cancelled, the sales tax accounts are cancelled, the business license with the city is closed out, the services I paid for are downgraded or cancelled depending on the service. The remaining services have been transferred for billing to our personal accounts. Caroline Price Photography ended on December 30, 2021.

I am at peace with the decision to close the photography business. It doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of photography. And, I have a killer camera and lens collection now. It’s time to focus on being an artist for art’s sake.

One note to previous clients– if you had a session or wedding with me prior to September of 2020, I do not have your gallery archived anymore. There is a slight chance your files are still saved on my Google Drive or on a physical hard drive, but no guarantees. I simply cannot afford to archive everything indefinitely anymore.

Today, I merged the old Very.Click blog Facebook page with my Caroline Price blog page. I’ve done what I can to simplify my online presence across the board.

Jared and I talked through domain names to renew and keep vs what to let go of. I’m satisfied that the ones we will keep are ones that will either prove useful or are decent investments or whatever. I am done holding onto domains just to hold onto them. And, I’m done collecting domain variations simply for the sake of gobbling them up.

Plugging the Leaks: An Impulse

I did have one purchase that was semi-impulse after the “crackdown” so to speak. I got all antsy about not having an 80mm-range lens. So, I bought a Schneider Cinelux 85mm f2 projector lens. Once I have all the adapter parts, I will have a killer portrait lens.

I bought it late at night when I was tired. So, that was one trigger, I am sure. I’d been dealing with the fall out of the Amazon mideliver of the Fuji 80mm 1.7 lens, so that was on my brain. The other trigger was the fact that Jared was not sitting beside me. He had gone to put Oliver to bed. I rarely spend money when Jared is present. Accountability and all.

It’s time to hold myself accountable, though, and not rely on Jared for that accountability. I immediately felt guilty and confessed to Jared. We talked through the why’s of why I had decided to spend even after we had discussed it. I had a really hard time with the idea that I just have that little willpower. But, I do, or I should say have had that little willpower.

I feel the urge to bring more money into the house. But really, it’s a false sense of misplaced identity management. I do not need to feel like I need to be a breadwinner for this household. That doesn’t need to be my role. That I grew up feeling like I should be an equal financial contributor to a household, or the actual breadwinner, is an old idea that doesn’t fit with our current lifestyle and situation. Nobody but me faults myself for the fact that it is not the way our reality is. I know this fact. Jared just asks me to try to be happy.

What I Can Do

What I can do is bring extraneous spending down to a bare minimum. Jared is not asking me to do this. He has proven he will bear whatever circumstance our finances bring. I am putting this pressure on myself because I know it is time and it is the right thing to do. I know our household income situation and there is no reason for us to feel any strain whatsoever. Even with the increased mortgage payment after our move, we bring in enough money. There is no reason for us to need to rely on credit cards for any part of our household purchasing at all.

So, the first step now is not for me to go out and get a job or some other moneymaking endeavor. I have a strong impulse to do just that, but there is no reason for it. The first step is to plug all the financial leaks that have grown to be a steady stream over the past few years.

I’ve accomplished a lot in the last week toward that end. I didn’t expect it all to come together as quickly as it has. But, it pleases me that it has been a relatively quick process and assessment.

love, Caroline


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