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On Resuming Caffeine



So the no-caffeinated coffee experiment lasted for two months.

Honestly, I don’t quite know what I was thinking in thinking I could give it up.

My problem is that I try multiple solutions to multiple problems all at the same time. And then, I can never tell what works and what doesn’t.

Anyway, all this to say, I have started drinking caffeinated coffee again.

And even now, it’s not quite as simple as, “Well, I have started drinking caffeinated coffee again.” I also started the Noom program, to get healthier. I didn’t do these the same day, but still.

My first Noom goal is to up my water intake. I know this is a coffee post and I do drink coffee daily, but I learned a few days ago exactly how off my water intake has been for a really, really long time.

I’ve been silent on the blog for so long and have curated down my posts such that it is hard to think of things to write about. I know I should just take the plunge and write. That’s what this post is about– starting somewhere.