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With several weddings/ engagement sessions under my belt now, I got my own wedding photos out last night.

I love them even more now than I did back in 2005. I recently got to shadow Virginia at a wedding, and I am so thankful we’ve become friends.

For instance, right after we got married I would lament the fact that it was so windy that morning. I used to look at this picture and wish for everything I had that the veil would have stayed down. But now I know if that veil weren’t flying like it is here, I wouldn’t remember exactly how crazy-windy it was that morning after all that rain the night before. I can’t imagine the picture any other way now.

Of course, there are other things I notice about these pictures now, too. We were babies, at least I was. I look so young in these photos. I was 25 which I guess isn’t exactly a baby but I sure wasn’t emotionally prepared for what was about to happen, moving halfway across the country to live with someone I’d never spent more than a full week at one time with. I also think, based on how skinny I was there, that I must not have eaten the full year before Jared and I got married. I mean, I know I was doing yoga religiously every day back then but man. I’d really like to be that size again someday. Not sure I have it in me to do what it takes to get there now, though.

Everyone we knew had to think Jared and I were losing our minds when Jared and I got married. But it has worked out, for better and worse, and here we are twelve and a half years later.

It’s time for new family photos. The last time we had a family session, Oliver was six months old, I am pretty sure. I guess one of the downfalls of being a photographer now is that family photos that include myself are the last thing I really want to think about. It seems like a hassle and while I’ve always hated being in front of a camera, it’s a thousand times worse now.

This is still my favorite photo of Jared. It doesn’t matter what I say to him, I cannot get him to smile like that for me.

This is my favorite photo of the whole bunch, I think. I just thought it was pretty back in 2005, but now, there’s so much more. It’s a candid and those tend to be my favorites these days. It’s black and white, which of course speaks to me. You can see the puddles of water from the massive rain the night before. And Virginia was shooting into the sun, which made those beautiful flares. I didn’t even know she was shooting when she took this picture. I thought we were just talking as we walked to another shot location.

Looking back, I was so worried about the wrong things on my wedding day. I was worried about preserving a dress I’d likely never wear again– I certainly can’t fit into it now. So there are no beach pictures despite the fact that the beach is what I love about St. Simons. Kind of crazy. That’s me, though, when I get uptight and think I want to present a certain image to the world.

What doesn’t show, of course, in these photos is the crazy, messed up mind I had. I had such backwards ideas about romantic love.

These two crazy kids that got married back on April 2, 2005….we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Four pregnancies. Three boys. Health issues. Financial strains. The one constant that I can say through it all is that Jared has been my rock. He still looks at me much like he did that windy day twelve and a half years ago. He’s taught me so much about how to reframe what healthy romantic love should look like in my mind. I’m still learning that lesson.

It’s time to take more photos today of my own. Maybe I will take my camera to O’s school event today. Looking at these photos reminds me that I crave the click of the shutter for the click’s sake alone.



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