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Porter, My Firstborn, is 14!



I am 2 days late posting, but Porter turned 14 on the 24th!

This kiddo…. I know all moms are biased but Porter is such a neat kid. This pandemic has thrown his world into chaos but he has handled everything thrown at him with such grace. He starts high school in a couple of weeks and while he will be doing the online option, he has a network of good guy friends he stays in near constant contact with.

Porter is brilliant and generous and funny and kind. He loves his dog Trixie more than anything else on the planet. He makes time for date nights on Saturday nights with Mom. It blows my mind that at 14 he really enjoys spending time with Mom and Dad.

Porter is an excellent big brother and watches out for both his little brothers but especially Oliver. He doesn’t initiate game nights but he never says no when we have a family game night.

Porter’s Loves

He loves music and while the pandemic has put the brakes on piano lessons for now, he is enjoying puttering around learning some of his favorite video game tunes on the piano and his saxophone. He teaches himself things to play when he cannot find the actual music for it.

Porter is also passionate about social justice issues. He loves philosophy and while he wouldn’t call it this, I do feel like his spirituality ethos shines through in the way he treats everybody and everything around him. He believes in being kind to everybody. He believes in being aware of what is going on in the world. He has his head on straight and is very down to earth, practical and I would also call Porter a realist.

This kiddo started off in the world as a 4 lb 7 oz preemie that spent his first 30 days in the NICU. He is now a half inch shy of 6 feet at 14 years old.

His dream is to work for Nintendo someday. He hasn’t decided on a major but I could see him going for something like philosophy and becoming a writer for video game story lines. But I will support him fully in whatever he decides he wants to do.

I am so proud to be his mom.

love, Caroline