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Morning Routines


I’m finding it difficult to continue working on the clean-up and clean-out during the week, with keeping the boys full-time by myself. It may be that I’d be having a hard time because I’m more interested in more creative projects at the moment anyway; it’s hard to say.

One thing I do know: in order to maximize my productivity, I’ve got to have my morning solitude and routine. Coffee, stretches and some mild yoga, breakfast, random web surfing, meal planning…it’s all got to be done before I hear the first peeps out of the big boys if I want to set the tone for a successful day. This morning, that meant I got up before the sun was coming up. Today, this also means setting out an agenda to ward off the, “I want to play [insert random video game here]!” from the big boys, too. They have played far too many video games this week because I use that time as an opportunity to be creative on my own endeavors.  Thankfully, there’s a playdate and the community outdoor movie today for distractions, in addition to some art time and maybe an outing to the park and a supervised chore or two.

Because I’m adhering to this routine this morning, I feel ready to tackle the day. Routines are funny things: I am finding that the more I set out a routine for us to follow beforehand, the more freedom it feels like we have to relax. It seems like the opposite would be the case, but it’s just not true. The boys appreciate knowing what to expect and frankly, I do too!

But it all has to start off with the silence of early morning with my coffee.