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Merry Grateful Merry



I’m so grateful. Merry grateful.

It hasn’t been the year we’d expected, and it certainly hasn’t been the year that was planned for.

Even so…..there were weddings….and family sessions. There was school at home and school in-person. Jared has a good job. I’m growing in my photography, both business and skills-wise. The boys are all brilliant and each has their own individual interests.

We see family less often, and always through masks. And church is on TV for now.

Lots of texting and Facebook chatting with friends.

Facebook, I will admit, has become an essential to my social life.

I’ve written less this year than ever, maybe. It’s been a time of quiet introspection, of goal-setting, of dreaming.

Merry Grateful Merry to be Real

And if I am completely real…. It’s been a year of re-immersing myself in therapy. It’s been a year of getting in touch with my anger and triumphantly moving past that anger. The normal moods have been, well, normal. It’s been a year of getting extremely real about life.

It has been the year of the house rehab….a trend still in progress, with paint projects happening in the foyer and family room and kitchen. And soon, the bathroom downstairs.

It was the year of the septum piercing, and the year of the taking out of the septum piercing, and the year re-piercing at home 8 weeks later.

It was the year of the bleached hair, and the buzzed head. The year of the 1-inch “I don’t care” hair look. I may never outgrow that look.

It has been the year of being grateful and somehow, despite everything, cultivating a quiet confidence.

It’s been a year of becoming comfortable in my own skin. I don’t know if 41 is like that universally, but I am done fighting against myself. There are my limits and my strengths. I am learning to play to them.

Happy holidays, everyone.

love, Caroline