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Meet Eunice Marie


This is Eunice Marie. She came to live with us a couple of weeks ago. She is 11 years old.

Eunie has had a little bit of an adjustment period. She begs for treats. She survives someone who passed from covid. She was very, very well loved in her previous home. We will be her retirement home. Her Mama named her, so we’re keeping the name, though we call her “Eunie” for short most of the time.

We are still determining pack order in this house, but luckily the skirmishes are spaced out and few. As we get to know each other, Jared and Liam are Eunie’s primary people. Abby and Trixie are satisfied with having another family member in the house, but Eunie’s whole world has been torn upside down so we are trying to be really patient with her. Eunie’s biggest disappointment with us is that we do not give her treats on begging command. Eunie has a very specific, very endearing way of begging and a softer heart would give into her pleas. However, I have her health in mind. So like our other girls, she gets one treat a day.

Eunie came with a menagerie of toys and clothing items. Sadly, Abby absconds with Eunie’s toys, so they mostly stay up in Liam’s room, where Eunie sleeps at night.

Eunie almost never barks, except when Abby barks. When Abby barks, Eunie is her echo. It is SO adorable.

Incidentally, my love affair of cleaning house with vinegar has grown for its deodorizing power. As has the need to wipe down each dog daily with baby wipes to cut down on smelliness.

We officially have a pack. I am not certain but I suspect Eunie may be our new Alpha.