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Getting in the Groove Again


getting in the groove
Irma and Harry, from our front steps

The last couple of weeks have been a sort of getting getting in the groove again. I’ve been marketing again and inquiries are flowing in– the fall is looking to be fairly busy, so if you are interested in a session, please get in touch soon!

I’m working on building my business and client experiences…. look for changes as you work with me, clients! It’s been a great learning time.

I have been doing some serious diet overhaul and am feeling all the better physically for it. Substituting frozen fruits for sweets and ice creams, etc. Doing stretches and mild yoga several times a day. It’s already paying off in energy levels and a little weight being shed.

Getting in the Groove Again: School Starts Soon

School starts soon, and since we are doing the online option, that means that my weekdays are about to be filled. I’m nervous but optimistic. The boys won’t quite know what hit them, though, as they are used to sleeping as late as they like and we will be conforming to the regular school hours.

I’m reading more… now it is Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies by Tara Schuster. What can I say? I’m in a snarky, self-help memoir kind of mood these days. But man, the gems in these books are worth it. They are feeding my soul at bedtime these days. It feels good to like to read again as part of getting in the groove again.

love, Caroline