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Love My House: First Floor Tour


love my house
love my house
love my house
love my house
love my house
love my house
love my house
love my house

I now love my house: The only thing you don’t get is the kitchen table, because it is filled with clutter and paint supplies still. And the Harry Potter bathroom: because it’s a bathroom.

love my house
love my house
love my house
love my house

I love my house: this is our first floor today.

Why did I not love my house in January? I honestly don’t remember.

I do remember…..master on main.

I’ve brought so many things into this house in the past six months from other houses and Pinterest and thrift stores that I don’t even want another house anymore. Like seriously…. if we ever get to the point we can’t do the stairs, we’ll put in a lift.

It started with Dena suggesting two couches facing each other in the family room around Christmas.

Then, Pinterest took hold, and the coffee bar got a re-work.

And then, the bathroom got painted. I love my house.

Then Johnny built us an awesome new coffee table for the family room that somehow escaped these pictures because I was too lazy to use a wider lens.

And then the faceplates and the floor registers got an upgrade.

Love My House– Pandemic Edition

Then, pandemic…..and the kitchen white started.

And then J went viral, and the security system happened.

Then, bulb lights for the deck.

And then, new office pieces for my office, and J and I each got an office.

Then, the kitchen was finished.

And I am so satisfied with the outcome that I have zero desire to find a new house.

I figured up all we’ve spent on the upgrades for the first floor including supplies and materials and new furniture, and it’s roughly the amount of an extra house payment.

For the amount of an extra house payment, I got serious upgrades to my house that made me want to live in this house forever.

I’d say that’s totally worth it. I feel like I live in an HGTV house.

Next up: new ceiling fan for the master bedroom (I know, it was a dumb idea to go without but not a dumb idea to move the master bedroom ceiling fan to the family room). And railings for the front steps to the house.

As happy as I can be while also in a pandemic. Wear your mask people, and black lives matter.

love, Caroline