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First Day of School 2020 is today– We are thrilled!


first day of school
mom fail– Oliver blinked!

The first day of school– This day has been a few days of six months coming.

We are all so glad to be getting back into a routine.

Glad isn’t really the right word.




It is good for everybody but Oliver, for his first day of school, in particular is benefitting from making new friends today and being in his school environment. He woke up squealing with excitement even though he wasn’t used to getting up at six o’clock in the morning.

We chose online learning for the big boys and they are well into their morning. I am hoping for the best and I am standing by for tech support but really, I will be hopeless and will have to call the household tech support, Jared, who is an IT director for their school system anyway. But, I am here and ready to respond. I am hopeful that Jared’s first day of school goes smoothly as well.

The first day of school is a rite of passage for the boys, but, also for this mama….

I am really, really looking forward to this season……not just in school, but in my photography business. This has been a booking season of sorts and I am so ready to be behind the camera and celebrating with clients or documenting every day moments with them.

Best of all…. there’s going to be a lot of time with Oliver in school to get laundry done. Because I am enjoying laundry these days. That laundry room is saving my soul.

Jared and I thought the big boys might be happier doing their work in separate spaces all spread out, with one of them in the kitchen and one of them in the office/school room, but lo and behold! The guys seem to prefer working in the school room together on the first day of school.

Here’s to a great new year for all.

love, Caroline