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The first day of school– This day has been a few days of six months coming. We are all so glad to be getting back into a routine. Glad isn’t really the right word. Relieved. Nervous. Ecstatic. It is good for everybody but Oliver, for his first day of school, in particular is benefitting from […]

I am 2 days late posting, but Porter turned 14 on the 24th! This kiddo…. I know all moms are biased but Porter is such a neat kid. This pandemic has thrown his world into chaos but he has handled everything thrown at him with such grace. He starts high school in a couple of […]

The last couple of weeks have been a sort of getting getting in the groove again. I’ve been marketing again and inquiries are flowing in– the fall is looking to be fairly busy, so if you are interested in a session, please get in touch soon! I’m working on building my business and client experiences…. […]

So, there will be a new profile pic incoming because I buzzed my head yesterday. I liked my mohawk cut and I will probably go back to the undercut look when I decide to grow it out again. But I knew deep down when it happened that the wide mohawk was the first step to […]


My yoga mat is living in my office at the moment. I mean, it always lives in my office, but it is really out and has been for the past three days. I can walk past it without tripping on it but I cannot walk through the room without noticing it. The Vibram shoes I […]

I now love my house: The only thing you don’t get is the kitchen table, because it is filled with clutter and paint supplies still. And the Harry Potter bathroom: because it’s a bathroom. I love my house: this is our first floor today. Why did I not love my house in January? I honestly […]

So it is Sunday and I am up before noon for once and biscuits are in the oven like I am a real mom. I know I mentioned that we are not selling our house but that led to a big ignore of housework until the dog hair piled up for weeks. I had enough […]