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About Caroline

In addition to being a photographer, I write about about lifestyle issues on this blog. 

In a past life, I worked for ten years primarily in non-profits. It was a long journey to part-time professional photography, but Caroline Price Photography originally opened in April of 2017. After a short break, I re-opened the business in March of 2019.

Photography is my life’s passion. I took up photography in 2011 and it has become the best tool in my self-care arsenal. I dream of being a semi-known fine art photographer, but I am happiest when I am puttering around with my camera in my yard. Most of the photography on this site is my own unless otherwise noted.

For client work, I specialize in couples sessions and weddings but occasionally do family and children sessions as well. I love weddings! There is nothing like being allowed to document the beginnings of a new family and the celebration and joy of the day. I take a documentary approach to the day, telling the story of your wedding. I capture the details of the day and the emotion that goes along with it.

I have three boys with my husband they are all my pride and joy. As my kids grow older, I am trying to be respectful of their privacy in the balance of writing for this blog. Whereas once I aspired to be a mommy blogger, now I just write to share my experience.

Besides my family and photography, I love coffee, music, podcasts, and I am growing an appreciation for working in my yard. 

Laundry is the bane of my existence– sometimes I go with a dedicated laundry day but I am not in that routine at the moment. There is no good answer to doing laundry for five people, except to keep the washing machine going all. the. time. To that end, I have recently DIY remodeled my laundry area…. now laundry is a minor obsession.