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A Swift Kick


So, there will be a new profile pic incoming because I buzzed my head yesterday.

I liked my mohawk cut and I will probably go back to the undercut look when I decide to grow it out again. But I knew deep down when it happened that the wide mohawk was the first step to the buzz cut. The whole bleached mess just had to go. And for the most part, with the buzzing, it did. There are still some ends that I just can’t go shorter on that have that old orange-yellow tint, but that cannot be helped.

Buzz Cut

This go-round is shorter than April of 2017, and it’s better for it. In April of 2017, I buzzed it to 1 inch. This go-round I went 1/2 inch and that wasn’t short enough to close the gap between the top and the sides. So, I took it down to 3/8 inch. This means the clippers will come out every two weeks or so, but I’m good with that.

I’m less self-conscious about the weight in my neck than I expected to be. Part of that is a “by goodness, I am going to work on self-acceptance at all costs,” And part of it is I am actually working on the weight issue and am at least not gaining anymore. I do actually also weigh less than I did when I buzzed it in 2017. So that helps.

The men in the house aren’t exactly jumping up and down about the buzz cut. But only Liam is like “Why?” The others know better, lol.

The hair issue is empowering. I mean, I am a girl no matter what and I don’t feel the need to prove myself to anyone anymore. Last time I buzzed my head, I went straight away into full makeup mode, etc. This time, not feeling that pull. Makeup just makes me break out. Feeling pretty comfy in my own skin is an awesome feeling.

It was awesome this morning to jump in the shower and not have to dry my hair afterward. I still used the silver shampoo I have on hand, though I am guessing straight up body wash would be okay. And, I still used my heat protectant cream when I got out and got dressed. But I did that mainly so my head would still smell good. Oliver likes the way that stuff smells.


I’ve started doing stretches and minor yoga modified poses a couple of times a day, as I mentioned in the previous post. It has gotten to the point where I physically feel it if I skip, so it’s a must at this point. I don’t even roll the yoga mat up in between at the moment. It just sits on the rug in my office with my itty bitty 2-lb. weights.

My toes are tolerating the Vibrams. But my pinky toes in particular don’t appreciate non-movement in the shoes for long periods of time. Which is good: it reminds me to get up and get moving and sit less. Just simple walking around is enough to help.

I am working on strengthening my core as best I can. My ultimate goal is to be able to sit upright cross-legged without using my hands to support myself. This is a lofty goal, and not one I have been able to accomplish since the scoliosis surgery (now 27 years ago). Having 3/5 of my spine fused is a good excuse for it. But I don’t think it means it’s impossible. I think I just haven’t conditioned myself in a disciplined way for long enough to make it happen yet. I can sit cross-legged with my back up against a wall. When I have nothing behind me, though, I have to either sit with my hands supporting myself behind my back or hold onto my legs to hold myself upright. That core and back strength is just not there.

Crochet Update

I’ve all but given up on the granny square blanket I started in March at the beginning of the shutdown. I haven’t thrown it away, but it sat on the floor a long time and is covered in dog hair so it needs to be washed. Will probably do that before starting work on it again. Several weeks ago, I started a pink single crochet stitch blanket, and I am five skeins into it. I am using CoBoo yarn and it is yummy to work with. I sincerely hope to not give up on this one but if I make it into a full-sized blanket, it will probably be 12-15 skeins total. I’m buying them as I go, three skeins at a time. Almost done with my third skein (sixth total) from this order, so it will be time to re-order soon. I got my first skeins at Walmart. Covid is really bad right now, though, so I am avoiding and ordering subsequent skeins on Amazon. It means different dye lots, but I am good with that. I kind of like the variation between the first three skeins and the more recent. Almost looks on purpose.

Less Cheese: More Alfalfa

As stated here, I am trying to make a concerted effort to cut a sizable amount of the cheese I love to eat. I had all but stopped taking my alfalfa supplements, and have resumed that as well. Last night, instead of reaching for the fruit snacks Oliver and Liam love, I got myself a bowl of frozen blueberries.

I need to keep reminding myself it’s not about sweeping changes, but about one smarter choice at the time. And it doesn’t mean denying myself completely: we still went to DQ for ice cream this week and I didn’t feel one bit bad about it. But, I had done yoga the day we went, so at least there’s that.


The weight loss is a goal, of course, but primarily it’s about increased energy. My next wedding is September 12 and I always have enough energy for wedding days, but it’s a matter of the recovery after the fact.

That’s all for now.

love, Caroline