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a new corner of the studio

So. The studio is going through an evolution. I needed to be inspired by this space, and some rearranging gave me that inspiration.

So now, I sit in the studio, with a new writing corner facing the light that is coming through the bay window, in a beautiful room surrounded by furniture and objects that all have meaning for me. I have spent a lot of time in the last few weeks sitting in the dark corner of the office that is mine, a space that gets most of its light from the overhead pendant lights. It is wonderful to share that space with Jared, too, for writing surfaces and larger projects. No looking back from converting the dining room to an office.

This little corner of the studio, though, it gets beautiful light all day long and there is something about spending time in a beautiful space that gives me a kind of inspiration and energy. And sitting here, I am facing my Nannie’s pretty furniture in the opposite corner. Things are easily moved if there is a client need.

Jared says I need to start critiquing my own photos.
I don’t even know where to start. I just know what I like.

So…. I processed the color version of this photo first. As with most of my indoor photos, I prefer the black and white version of this photo.

Here is where I whine to Jared and say, “That’s all I know what to say about it.”

There’s nothing wrong with the color version except that Liam’s walls are yellow and I feel like the yellow calls attention to itself. I hate the color of Liam’s walls– they are the color we inherited the house as– but Liam loves his room as it is, so it doesn’t get painted. But Liam is the subject of the picture, not the yellow wall.

In both pictures, I love that his desk faces his window so you get the light right on his face.

I think the light is what makes this work as a black and white photo. I like my black and whites to be punchy with lots of contrast. I used the Mastin Fuji original on the bottom photo just like I did with the top photo, but instead of setting the film simulation to Provia as I did with the top photo (Mastin’s instructions to Fuji users in Capture One instead of “Film Standard”), I used Acros. Then I upped the contrast in Capture One. The color version then went into Photoshop for some color adjustment, but the black and white version went straight to Topaz Denoise.

Neither of them are particularly strong photos. Liam was playing D&D online with friends at the time and I wanted an in-action shot and that is hard when a kid’s attention is focused online. But it is definitely true to this time of the pandemic, when he has been grasping for all the friends he can connect with virtually that he can.

If I had it to reprocess (and I do, but I probably won’t), I would lighten the shadows. You can’t tell the back of his head from where the headphones end. I don’t know. I probably make my shadows too soft most of the time.

I’m going to start taking more pandemic pictures. It’s time to start working through the boredom, even when that means pictures of Liam at his computer and Porter with his Chromebook in his bedroom.


This boy turned 12 today.

Liam is a pretty incredible kid. I’m pretty lucky to be his mom. I’m so proud of the young man he is becoming.

Just a quick note to say that I will be accepting sessions again starting June 1, 2020! I will be wearing a mask and will be encouraging social distancing as appropriate.

I cannot wait to see everyone!