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Quarantine = bored. I am pretty flighty by nature. I know that much about myself. In 2016, when we bought this house, the first house that caught my eye was a little two bedroom house here in town that was for sale for $45k. I had my sights set on the tiny house movement and […]

This truly has been a week of hanging on and pushing through. I miss the little things. Waking up before light to get the boys on the bus with coffee in hand, a little groggy and undecided if I was up for the day or if I would crash back in the bed for a […]

Most of this is repeat from Facebook posts. Sorry if I am repeating myself. This week, I’m working really, really hard on staying in the present. It’s so hard to stay mindful. I’m focusing on what I can control because it feels like so much of what is going on in the world is out […]


It is a season of slow days…..we are cleaning out around these parts, in slow motion. In lieu of laundry day, I am doing a little bit of laundry just about every day right now. I go easy on myself on the days I don’t feel like starting a new load. Plans are in motion […]

I’m focusing on things I can control, like decorating my house, during this pandemic. I mowed 3/4’s of the back yard two days ago and yesterday and I’ve paid dearly for it with my allergies. But I do like mowing now. With a self-propelled push mower, mowing .84 of an acre in small bits is […]

Today is our fifteenth wedding anniversary. I would say that it doesn’t seem like it has been that long, but we have packed an awful lot of living into fifteen years. Four pregnancies. Three babies. Three owned homes in two different states. Two church families. Bankruptcy. Recovery from bankruptcy. Serious illnesses. Settling into a new […]