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I decided yesterday to go ahead with the capsule wardrobe idea. I piled all my closet contents on the bed and if I didn’t love it, it’s going. For now, “going” means piled into garbage bags destined for the attic, in case this change doesn’t stick. But they are for sure going out of sight, […]

organizing clothes

Here are a few favorites from recent sessions!

The house is in maintenance mode. I mostly did it by doing a crap-ton of laundry over several days, starting with while the boys were out of town. I also did other cleaning tasks, not stressing over whether the job was done up to somebody else’s standards. For several days, I was down to 2 […]

Valve Caps

I’ve rediscovered my deck. This summer, I’ve kind of been hating my house because I’ve been so lazy with housework.  It’s my own fault. It’s not the house. I’ve started painting and left the project mid-paint but that’s not even the problem. The problem is I’ve let my discipline levels drown with the wind. So, […]

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