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Jared had an interesting observation that I hadn’t connected.  It’s worth writing about. He noticed that, aside from photos of the boys, I generally take photos of single objects.  The Ansco camera is a perfect example.  So is this bell. I don’t have a great explanation to this fact, except that solitude is a running […]


That sweet face in the photo, that baby of mine, he has taken over life in our household.  The big boys adore him and even Abby, our puppy dog, understands that when Oliver is in our laps or when he is getting floor time that Abby has to be mindful of the baby.  We are […]


We have this kitchen counter that’s just sort of out there, taking up one side of the whole kitchen.  When we moved into this house seven years ago, I just knew it would be perfect for some food preparation, but as it is, it has proven to be pretty much wasted space good for accumulating […]

I’d like to say that every post here will be shiny and pretty and uplifting.  But, that just isn’t how I operate.  I get pretty bleak sometimes, baring my emotional scars.  Sometimes it feels like I’m wearing them on my forehead. I should heed the phrase, “trigger warning,” more carefully.  An article I read earlier […]


Keeping a budget around this household has become part of the way we are taming our household mess. This part of taming our household mess started long before we decided to go for a simpler materialistic lifestyle.  It started by necessity, rather than luxury.  For a really, really long time, we flew by the seat […]