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Forgive me if I gush here…I am married to a superhero, after all… The photo above is a photo of a photo taken on January 3, 2004. Jared sat his little camera on a rock and this photo has become one of the hallmark documentations of our relationship. The two kids in this picture had […]

Wedding Shadow Kiss

Summertime has hit and with it, the summertime dissonance has hit.  The boys were genuinely sad that the school year ended– sad that they don’t get to see their friends every day.  Instead, they are stuck at home with their mama who just isn’t a “go all the time and make it fun” kind of […]

35th Birthday Flowers

I’m finding it difficult to continue working on the clean-up and clean-out during the week, with keeping the boys full-time by myself. It may be that I’d be having a hard time because I’m more interested in more creative projects at the moment anyway; it’s hard to say. One thing I do know: in order […]

sun in trees